Born in Marseille in 1986 to Cap-Verdeans parents, Romuald grew up in Vitrolles. After university studies, he moved towards a diploma of Technician Superior in Audiovisual.

In 2005, he participated in audiovisual workshops offered by the association Vatos Locos Vidéo in Vitrolles and confirmed a real passion for the image and staging. He later became one of the first employees of the structure and supervised over a hundred video practice workshops with young people. These experiences give rise to collective films, as part of sociocultural and school projects (fiction, music videos or corporate films), plus meetings with filmmakers who will sharpen their eyes on cinema (Rabah Ameur Zaïmèche, Emmanuel Mouret …).

In 2012 and 2015, he consolidated his experience on two short professional films: Ludovic Piette’s mechanical passion (BIZIBI production, OCS CITY broadcast) and Julien Sicard’s, The pyre of Saïd (FILMO production, CNC, France 2) as assistant to the staging.

In 2016 and 2017, it is selected by the WARSHATAFLAM device, in partnership with the CNC and its program Talents en cour and the Paca Region for the development of the scenario of Trace your route.

The short film is accompanied and produced by Jérôme Nunes (Films de Force Majeure). Trace Your Way is his first short professional fiction film.

In 2019, Romuald developed a second short film project entitled Star System, which he co-wrote with Ludovic PIETTE, screenwriter and director.